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I don’t want this anymore
It’s coming back, inside my head
The dissonance

- Dissonance, MHz -

Gamma Vibes is an alternative rock/hard rock band formed by young ex-high school students from the Mendrisiotto area, based in Ligornetto (Ticino).


Their repertoire includes covers of famous rock, hard rock and pop rock songs, as well as original songs. The band was founded the 11th January 2018 at a high school concert. Since the 15th February 2018 it has been in activity under the name Gamma Vibes and currently consists of 5 elements: vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums.

The band has performed in some events organised by their high school, such as "Music Experience", as well as self organised ones. They also participated in public events such as "Sport is Sound" and "Mendrisio on Stage", as well as privately organised ones such as a live-music evening at local bar La Meridiana (Balerna) and the "Supsi" party.

On the 12th July 2019, the band took part in its first contest: "Mendrisio on Stage". Winning this competition allowed the band future participation at the "Festa della Musica" in Mendrisio.


Other future projects include the release of their first EP "MHz" and the writing of new original songs.

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