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I don’t want this anymore
It’s coming back, inside my head
The dissonance

- Dissonance, MHz -

Gamma Vibes is a rock/hard rock/dance-rock band formed by young students from Ticino, based in Ligornetto (Ticino) and Ecublens (Vaud). Their repertoire includes covers of famous pop/rock, hard rock and dance songs, as well as original songs. The band was founded on 11 January 2018 at a high school concert. Since 15 February 2018, it has been active under the name Gamma Vibes and currently consists of 5 elements.

The band has performed at some events organised by their high school, such as "Music Experience" and self-managed days. They have also participated in some public events, such as "Sport is Sound" and "Mendrisio on Stage", and private ones, such as a live-music evening at La Meridiana bar (Balerna) and the Supsi party. In addition, the band played for some university events, such as the AEGE start-of-year party and the "Campus Live" event at the King Size Pub (Lausanne).

On 12 July 2019, the band took part in its first competition: the "Mendrisio on Stage". Winning the competition guarantees the group a future participation at the "Music Festival" in Mendrisio.
On 16 April 2021, their first EP was released, entitled 'MHz', containing 5 original tracks.

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